Professionally Recreational.

Your skills may be amateur. But your league should run like a pro.

Our Goal.

Soccer leagues don’t need to be expensive. And they don’t need to be so serious.

We are the best organized Recreational Soccer League in Mississauga, Ontario. You may not look or play like a pro, but you’ll feel like one after every game.

  • Summer Indoor:  May to August
  • Winter Indoor:  September to December
  • Spring Indoor:  January to April
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We reward sportsmanship and friendly competition.


Register your team, we keep players engaged with our weekly blog and newsletter.


We’re the best value league out there. We triple dog dare you to find something better.

Why trust us with the whole funness of your season?

  • Longer seasons
  • Hilarious blog and weekly newsletter
  • Our leagues are cheap. And our fee is all inclusive.

Contact Us.

Feel free to email us, phone us, smoke signal us, carrier pigeon us, or visit us.

  • 416.559.9395
  • Canlan Sportsplex, Mississauga Ontario